Startup Festival Finalists 24.November.2017


We are happy to introduce the 9 Startup Festival finalists:

3 Winners of 120 Seconds – South Tyrol Final:

Valentina Moling:

“1 product for all – FEEL GOOD”:

Food allergies, intolerances, obesity and various other health ailments have increased enormously in recent years. The food and hospitality industries are facing a new challenge. The team developed products (bakery products) in organic quality that exclude 90% of intollerances and allergies and also cover all common diets. The baked goods are sugar-free and gluten-free and enriched with superfoods. Suitable for diabetics, gluten allergy sufferers, athletes and anyone who wants to eat healthily.

Luca Quaglia and his team

"TitaZero: automatic washing system and electronic management of the dispensing equipment ":

Treatment of spillage and washing systems. Consumption control; Remote database sql data plant management; real-time display of plant data; web and mobile connection; app malfunctioning notifications; remote malfunction management; remote software update; statistical data collection; tracking system identifying the product delivered.

Maicol Verzotto:

„Functional Gums“:

Functional Gums is a company specialized in sales, marketing and development of functional chewing gums. The products feature            proven functional benefits based on scientific (nutraceutical) research to an underserved market segment. They service existing needs of the marketplace in an innovative way.

3 Winners of 120 Seconds – Trentino:

Sandro Faraon/Alessio Boschini 

“Electromechanical accumulation device for low cost residential segment”

INDIV presents the project of an eco-friendly, durable and affordable electromechanical battery. Designed to fit the needs of the modern family and small industry, it provides a reliable energy storage device that overcomes the most common problems of electrochemical batteries found on the market nowadays.


Diego Divenuto

 “Bikertop, innovative rain cover for bicycles”

The Biker Top is the first mobile cover for bicycles, an innovative system which allows to move around using the bike, always protected from the rain. The bicycle is a wonderful means of transportation that allows people to move freely, that respects the environment and that helps to stay even in form. But how many times we had to give up cycling because of bad weather conditions such as rain, wind, or rather too hot during summer? The product was created searching for a solution to the problem of using the bicycle for commuting, or even in the free time outside of urban areas, when weather conditions are adverse. The team developed a product, lightweight and small in size, which allows to move comfortably by bike, offering the rider a safe shelter from rain. Assembly is simple and extremely quick. The Biker Top is contained in a bag/case attached to the handlebars of the bicycle that takes a few seconds to turn into a self-supporting roof, protecting the cyclist from rain. They are patenting this idea and are seeking now investors, preferably already active in this sector, in order to create a lasting partnership and start a large-scale production.

Marcello Favalli


To ship any object, family member, friend, or stranger, it was necessary to contact a professional courier or a public body to date. With SiWeGO you can contact not only professional couriers but also private citizens who want to optimize resources, be social and preserve the environment. SiWeGO is a web platform (website and app) that connects unknown users to each other, with needs that fit into the mobility sector: those who want to ship with those who are willing to transport. SiWeGO enterprise is a virtual platform that allows private users and professional transporters to share their own means of transport and their itinerary for the transport of material goods.

3 Winners of 120 Seconds – Tirol:

Stephan Pichler, Johannes Mascher und Lukas Forcher

„Innovative Loudspeaker“:

Nowadays nearly all bluetooth loudspeaker are having a non-modifiable housing. Therefore, they are restricted either in its portability or in its sound quality. The idea is to build a bluetooth loudspeaker, which is variable in its size.

Florian Mayrhofer


The coffee roasters focus on quality and taste by declaring precisely the place of origin of the coffee beans. Unbound buys the beans directly from farmers, the packaging of the coffee is aluminium free.


Michael Bredehorn

„Swarm Analytics“:

Sarm Analytics wants to ease the access to the most important strategic analysis (like for example traffic density analysis) for small and medium sized companies. Their product is a sensor, which enables to collect, analyse and presents data. This data should be useable for the client – in an efficient way – without intervene in existing infrastructure.


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