Tal Catran: Do's and Dont's for Start-up Entrepreneurs 25.Juli.2018


Being a startup entrepreneur. What are the do’s and dont’s?

During his visit, Tal Catran gave us insights about the to's and dont's for startup entrpreneurs. Take a look:


  • make sure the need you are addressing is shared by many (who are not your parents and friends)
  • make sure the way you intend to deliver the solution is both accessible and usable by the target customers
  • make sure your customers are will to pay or find an income source=business model
  • you must have a partner on board (team)
  • work hard, fast and focused
  • deploy as quickly as you can and test your assumptions in the market


  • Don’t turn to investors before you’ve develop an MVP (minimum viable product) and tried it with at least one first adaptor
  • Don’t talk too much, create, develop, do and deliver
  • Don’t listen to naysayers
  • Don’t think you’re smarter than everyone else
  • Don’t hesitate, accelerate!!!