StartUp – Club Trentino

The initiative is open to entrepreneurial innovation projects, companies registered in the register of innovative start-ups and companies with innovative content established up to 5 years ago, incubators and business accelerators.

The main aims of the network are to encourage the development of a business culture devoted to innovation, to convey resources and opportunities to support the birth and growth of startups, mapping innovative business projects on the territory reate opportunities for training, meetings and cross-contamination, encourage the meeting between startups and private finance

09. Juni
ab 17.00 Uhr

START.APE - The open community of startups in Trentino.

We believe in co-design! Therefore, we thought of organizing a real party, a moment of sharing ideas aimed at getting to know each other and laying the foundations together for this project that we hope will contribute to the growth and development of the whole startup system.

The event will be held in the forecourt of Impact Hub Trentino. These are the ingredients of the evening:

Walls for the collection of proposals from participants
Open microphone for those who would like to introduce themselves to the community
Beers and foodtrucks

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