Prototyping an app (fast)


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. That is especially true when you are trying to give shape to an innovative idea: you can figure it clearly in your mind, but conveying it to other people can be quite challenging. This is when a prototype could be handy.

10. October
ab 17.30 Uhr

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In this webinar, H-Farm Innovation designers will talk about prototyping digital apps and products, such as mobile or web apps.
In the first part, the discussion will revolve around User Experience design principles, which means focusing on the steps and the processes that lie behind the design of an app, such as mapping user flows, designing wireframes and creating design systems; design research methods, strategy principles and tools will be mentioned throughout.
The second part is then focused on prototyping: when to do it and what kind of prototypes best suit different stages of an app’s development.