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The initiative is open to entrepreneurial innovation projects, companies registered in the register of innovative start-ups and companies with innovative content established up to 5 years ago, incubators and business accelerators.

The main aims of the network are to encourage the development of a business culture devoted to innovation, to convey resources and opportunities to support the birth and growth of startups, mapping innovative business projects on the territory reate opportunities for training, meetings and cross-contamination, encourage the meeting between startups and private finance

23. July
ab 19.00 Uhr
"Terrazza delle stelle", in the basin of the Viote del Monte Bondone

The Startup Club will meet on Tuesday 23rd July starting at 7 pm at the Astronomical Observatory "Terrazza delle stelle", in the basin of the Viote del Monte Bondone.

In this beautiful natural setting will be held th  "Night of failures". The evening follows a format born in North America and quickly spread throughout the world, which consists of a talk in which some successful entrepreneurs share with the public their stories of failure to understand what went wrong, exorcise the shame and treasure what you have learned by making mistakes. Exceptional speaker was geologist Fabio Zaffagnini, who a few years ago managed to bring Foo Fighter to Cesena thanks to a flash mob that involved over a thousand musicians, digital entrepreneur Mario Moroni - author of the bestseller "Startup di M.". - and the architect Daniela Galvani, expert in sharing economy. 

At the end of the talk, an expert will guide the startuppers to the discovery of the sky and the stars with the help of the Observatory's telescopes. 

The Trentino Startup Club is looking forward to your visit!

To join the club, you must register on the Agora platform (, indicating in the "Organisation of membership" section  "Club Trentino delle Startup di Innovazione".

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